Medium Suicide Risk

  • Multiple risk factors, few protective factors
  • Suicidal ideation with plan, but no intent or behaviour

Recommendation for Medium Risk

Admission might be necessary depending on risk factors

In Canada, consider referring your patient to the following resources

In Ottawa, consider
  • TOH mobile crisis team and community crisis bed program (613-241-8161 health professional line)
  • Mental Health Crisis Line for Adults, 613-722-6914 (within Ottawa), 1-866-996-0991 (Champlain LHIN)
  • Consider MCT beds
  • In Ottawa, if you are with the Ottawa Hospital / Gruyere Academic Health Team, then consider a referral to the Shared Care Mental Health Team

Develop a crisis/safety plan
  • This is a plan developed with the patient on how to deal with things in the event of a crisis and is developed ahead of time, during a time when the patient is calm and not overwhelmed

Provide handout on coping with suicidal thoughts

Give the patient a list of local/national emergency information such as:

Reference: Suicide Assessment Five-step Evaluation and Triage (SAFE-T).